Staff & Leadership

We have a passion for people, our community and our world. Our culture and leadership is characterized by worship, the love of God, and a genuine call to ministry. These core values have been shaped by our rich history of great co-workers and energy; always pressing forward in our call to love God and love others.

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  • Daniel Messner

    Lead Pastor

    Daniel has been leading our church for over 20 years. His thoughtful teaching, passion for the Word and counseling experience has helped our ministry grow into the thriving community of believers we are today. 

  • John Long

    Lead worship Director

    John is a talented and humble guy who is passionate about Jesus and leading His people into authentic, spirit-filled worship. Through creating spirit filled opportunities to worship in community John is consistently providing the congregation of Shawnee Alliance opportunities to connect with God while growing in faith.

  • Kris Browning

    Pastor of Leadership Development & Family Life

    Kris has been instrumental in organizing our volunteers and leading the family life ministries for children and youth since 2013. His attention to detail and pastoral nature lend well to the continuing care of our family at Shawnee Alliance.

  • SHane Crites

    Pastor of Spiritual Formation

    Shane has been working at Shawnee Alliance since 2004; helping to lead our small groups. He sees his primary role as equipping the community group leaders to guide their individual groups in the way and manner God has called them to.

  • Bridgett Blood

    PASTOR of Young Adults

    Bridgett joined our staff in 2018 after interning with us the previous summer. She's a wonderful addition to our team; leading and pastoring our young adults into richer community with God and each other.

  • Doris Erskine

    Office Administrator

    Doris has been the Office Administrator since 2000. By ruling with an iron fist Doris keeps the office and the staff running smoothly. She is passionate about helping people to know and experience who Jesus Christ is and who God has created them to be.

  • Sara Newman

    Director of children's Ministries

    Sara has been the Director of Children’s Ministries since 2008. She works primarily with kids in kindergarten through fourth grades. Her passion is to show the kids who Jesus is, by creatively and interactively telling Bible stories and wrapping it all in a bunch of fun!

  • Josh Kennedy

    youth Pastor

    Josh has been an instrumental component of our youth programs since 2015 and was recently invited to join our staff — where he leads all of our Jr. and Sr. High students in their journey together with Jesus.

  • Erin Marshall

    Director of Preschool ministries

    Erin is a long-time christian educator and resident of Shawnee township. We were excited to have her join us in 2016 to oversee the preschool ministry teams at SAC.

  • Liz Browning

    Ministry Administrative Assistant

    Liz manages our social media and databases, supports the pastoral staff, and provides administrative support for Family Life, church events, and more.

  • Waneda Shaw

    Office Assistant

    Waneda has been the Office Assistant since 2008. She loves to watch God work in people’s lives and He is definitely doing great stuff here!

  • Stephanie nuckles

    Office Assistant

    Stephanie is often at the office front desk; ready to greet people and help them get the information or assistance they need.

  • Greg Stover


    Greg has been our treasurer for over 6 years; helping to make sure the finances of the church are stewarded well.

  • Jeff Vorhees


    Jeff is one of our caretakers and does a great job keeping our facilities clean and ready for operation week-in and week-out.

  • Bob mooney


    Bob helps keep our facilities operating at a clean and professional level.

Pastoral Counseling

Our goals in Pastoral Counseling are to guide and help individuals discover Christ-centered answers to a wide range of personal, relational, financial or other challenges. We have trained counselors and pastors who facilitate a free service for individuals seeking guidance for a variety of issues including marital and family relationships, communication and intimacy, parenting, grief and loss, anger and bitterness, inner personal struggles, and spiritual discouragement. Our volunteers receive extensive training, ongoing supervision, and continuing education. 

If you are someone who could benefit from counseling, you're not alone! We have hundreds from our congregation who have (and still) meet with our counselors monthly and weekly. If you would like to schedule an appointment or just have some questions answered, please reach out.