E-mail to coaches, week 4


This Saturday will be week 4 of 8.  Thank you for your continuing support of our program!

On week 4 we will be focusing on the substitution rule.  I am attaching a link to a video and an excerpt of the coach's training manual.  Please note, we follow level 1-3 rules, therefore this system applies to every coach in Upward.  Please read/watch both so that you're ready to go for this Saturday.  I've included more information at the bottom of the e-mail but the need to know:

  • You will need to have either your substitution book or app prepared for weeks 4-8 following the instructions on the video and in the coach's training guide (relevant excerpt attached).
  • Referees will begin checking for this book about 10 minutes before each game - if the book is not filled out the ref or an experienced coach will assist you.
  • We will have extra books available for you in case you have lost or misplaced yours, or you can download the Upward coach's app on your phone.
  • For week 4 we will only be focusing on making sure our coaches know the substitution system and are using it.  Referees will have discretion to put the correct players on the court.
  • Starting week 5, should a team not follow the substitution rule, the referees may award the opposing team 10 points and make sure the correct players are on the floor.  This will be at the ref's discretion.  Our goal is to have every team following the rule by week 5, and that points will never have to be awarded due to substitution problems.
  • Please know that our substitution rule is a rule, not a suggestion.  This has not always been fairly articulated to our coaches, so we want to correct that!
  • Video Link: http://www.shawneealliance.com/upward/substitutions

Thank you again for your time!  We are on your side, and want to help you make the season awesome for all of our athletes!  As I mentioned, I have more explanation below, but everything above is what you "need to know" for Saturday.



Our substitution rule has been in place since the league was started, but was not always enforced or even taught to incoming coaches.  Our emphasis on enforcing the substitution rule has come from observing our teams in week 1-3.  We found:

  • Teams did not play every player at least half the game
  • Two games would likely have had different outcomes had the substitution rules been followed (we want you playing hard and winning, but always within the rules)
  • Some coaches were unfamiliar with the rule while others simply did not follow the rule

The best way for us to solve this problem is to first teach, and then enforce our standing substitution rule.  This PDF should give you everything you need to know, but if you need further help don't hesitate to reach out.  Again, we're on your side and we want to make sure Upward is an awesome experience for every athlete!